Friday, July 27, 2012


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Thrifting Tip #8: Browse the Entire Store

This tip is almost a repeat of the last one, but it was in my book so I will put it here. 
Tip #7 said look though and consider everything.  Look through every single shirt on the rack. Don't skip over a rack of pants because you think you won't find anything. Touch and feel everything. Tip #8 goes beyond that. Shop outside of women's wear or where you normally look.

Shop women’s, men’s, and children’s fashion and everything in between. For example, men's t-shirts often get overlooked so you can find some great gems like band t-shirts. Too big? Cut them up and sew 'em together. I'm short so I always look in children's wear. My sister found me a great jean vest made from a boy's jean jacket when we thrifted together back in May. It fits perfectly! 

Sometimes things get misplaced or mislabeled, trends overlap and you may find new inspiration somewhere unexpected. Shop housewares, fabrics, electronics, books, bags, furniture and accessories. If you have the time it can be very rewarding!

July Thrift Finds

I have wanted to share some of the things I have found recently. Since I haven't had a camera the past month or so I have taken a few pictures with my Mac webcam. Not the greatest quality, and I am in some of them :), but at least you can see some of my finds! The other photos were taken with my boyfriends camera. Warning, lots of photos and writing ahead.

This top kind of looks like an apron when untucked. It's pretty great for $3.00. I've worn it a few times now. The picture with my friend Yana was at this crazy house party a few weeks ago. 400 people all in one yard. I know this because they had a permit to hold it and that was the max amount of people. They reached their quota. You can also tell I am very short in this picture (and I'm wearing 3 inch flatforms.)

A few things from last week. The red jacket ($4.50.) was for my boyfriend. It has a Grizzly Mountain Beer patch on it and my boyfriend is kind of grizzly when he grows out the beard. The sunglasses were $1.00, and blouses were $3.00 each. I found this cool pyramid glasses case for $1.50 (more than the sunglasses?) and the best find was a TNA plaid blouse below, also for $3.00. Have to love standard pricing. Brand new it would probably be around $60. It looked like it had never been worn and I needed a plaid shirt for fall. Seriously you need plaid in Canada, it just works.

Finally, a few things I found at the beginning of July. Jewelry dishes $1.50 each, leopard print cheap purse $3.00 and sunglasses were a dollar. I own five pairs of thrifted sunglasses (that is only the thrifted ones) but for $1 each, why not?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thrifting Tip #7: Look Through and Consider Everything

Look at every item on the rack or shelf. Consider everything and take your time. Everything looks like junk among other junk so you really need to dig through to find gems. 

Think about context. Think about your personal style and think about how you would make it your own. 

Forget about sizing. Things can get mixed up, sizing varies, and sometimes things can be worn as something else or DIY projects in disguise. Dig deep into the racks and touch and feel everything. Look at fabrics, colours, prints, textures, & details. You can feel quality the minute you touch a nice piece of clothing. I love that :).

Don’t forget the small things like accessories and jewelry which lend themselves to DIY projects so well. Shop off-season. In summer look at winter coats, in the winter look for shorts. You will find a greater selection and possibly get a discount.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July Blog Challenge

My boyfriend says I need to get rid of some of my things. We don't have the space in our tiny house. He is very right. How so I decide what to get rid of? 

I have been donating bags of clothing constantly but I can never get rid of enough of it. I have been thrifting for so long that now I will buy anything and hold on to anything. I can usually get rid of clothing without emotional attachment but lately I have hit a wall.

The last year was so stressful with school that all I did was throw on jeans and a t-shirt most days. I felt terrible and in a rut (ya right, like these are remotely serious complaints.) I kept telling myself I would get out of it and magically feel good and start wearing all my fun stuff again. All of this = beginning of a clothing hoarder.

Thrift Finds: May 2012

I bought these items in May and finally got around to taking some pictures. This together is not an outfit I promise. I think the mesh top might throw things off :) haha. I went to the Bibles for Missions thrift store near my house. I really like this store, it is small and neat, they are always getting new stuff and they have standardized pricing.

Above image: Green handmade silk skirt/ Pringle of Scotland knit sweater/ White silk tank/ Nike mesh tank/ Brown heels

The Pringle of Scotland sweater was $3.00. A steal considering how great of shape it is in and the vintage. I'd place it around the late 70's or early 80's from the research I could do on the label.  It fits so nice and is a strange colour, beige pink/ purple which was hard to photograph (i have no skills.) 

The white silk tank has been my favourite go-to top for the spring and summer so far. I'm still not sure why I bought this nike mesh tank but something about it seemed so perfectly trendy. If it wasn't in brand new never-been-worn condition I would have left it behind. I can always wear it to work out in too.

I think I had these in mind when I picked it out (click through link):

Monday, July 2, 2012

Thrifting Tip #6: Start in Your Favourite Section

Okay, maybe it's kind of obvious that you would start in your favourite section, but sometimes it's good to have a plan. 
Most of the time I just go with what catches my eye first and make my way through the rest of the store. Since i have been trying to be more selective of what I buy, mostly for a lack of closet space, the last few times I have tried to stick to my list (so I'll stop coming home with random books and another pair of black jeans.)

Back to having a plan... here are some things to consider!

1. Some stores might have rules about the number of items in the change room so you may have to make multiple trips. Maybe you will want to start with things to try on first, like pants or dresses, and then shop for things you do not need to try on in a fitting room, like jackets, shoes, bags, and other fun stuff :)

2. Claim large items. Another tip is if you are shopping for large items like furniture, you may want to lay claim to them right away. Tell an associate or seller at the store or garage sale. You may even pay for it so you can browse worry free the rest of the store, knowing you won't miss out on that great table or dresser.

3. What are you most excited to find? What do you most enjoy looking at? Go there first. I usually go directly to shoes or dresses. I think I'm secretly scared I will miss out on a really great dress or something if I leave these to the end. Some stylish bargain hunter will grab it before I can. Must be my competitive nature.

4. Use your list. Make your way from one end to the other. Take an overview of the whole store and then dig in to one section at a time. Only browse a few sections and get out of there! It is up to you. Do what feels natural and you will find your rhythm in no time!